Neuman Group - Company Profile

Neuman Group integrates design-phase planning and engineering experience with expert build-phase construction capabilities to provide clients with a turnkey design/build solution for the development of large-scale water entertainment attractions.

By combining these normally disconnected phases into a single streamlined package, Neuman Group builds synergy and minimizes the inefficiency associated with the typical design-bid-build process.

In choosing Neuman Group, our clients reap the benefits of comprehensive project coordination from a single point of contact within the company. Our design and construction staffs collaborate constantly from project inception, providing instant communication, flexibility, and problem-solving during each phase. This integration encourages reliable early cost commitments, eliminates general contractor mark-ups, and limits the risk of unwelcome surprises late in the project.

Neuman Group has successfully completed more than 70 large-scale attractions with zero back-charge claims and zero change orders (except for client change requests), setting the new standard for the aquatics industry. With this track record of success and our comprehensive one-year warranty, you can be confident Neuman Group has the integrated experience to deliver a superior-quality product from start to finish.

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